TV3’s Akasia Slot, Julia Has A Very Interesting Plot

I hope it is not too late to start on reviewing about this drama, Julia.

First of all, I really love the castings of this drama especially the lead actress, Nabila Huda. She is one talented actress. She doesn’t look like acting as every movement of hers seems to be very natural. I don’t even know where to begin with.
This drama replaces the previous drama Kau Yang Terindah which the ending didn’t turn out as I wanted it to be. But I just want to get over it and move on with this one.

At first, Julia didn’t catch my attention…until they did the shootings in Korea! I was ecstatic! Yes, I love Korean dramas tooo! Mucho! The early settings of this drama (in Korea) totally remind me of Korean drama, Heartstrings! If I’m not mistaken, the same bus stop, the dating park and Julia drama uses the OST of Heartstrings, ‘I’ve fallen for you’! The screenwriter of Julia must loveeeee Korean Dramas too! High 5!

Anyhoo, what I love the most about this drama is, the plot which I find quite intriguing. The true pair of this drama seem to be going the opposite ways but with the remaining feelings towards each other makes us all wanting more and more episodes to come by quickly! We know they will end up together in the end, but with the current situation, I just want to become the director and ask them to get together already!

The antagonist of this drama, Sofia played by Izreen Azminda is doing a tremendous job and we just wish the surgery is a failure and let the the true pair of the drama just lives happily ever after.

Shall continue this in the Character Analysis post..

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Loving Morning With Hafiz And Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza

I’m having a mellow morning while listening to this beautiful song.

This song is a true piece and the singers add the double awesomeness. I can’t get enough of it. But what makes me feel so urghhh while watching this song is the people who commented on this song. I don’t get it, why don’t they just enjoy the song and just expunge the negativeness about the this two singers. They commented about the how Hafiz looks like while singing this song and how Siti dresses. There’s only one solution, just donwload the song and just listen to it for God sake!!
Anyway, have a loving morning ya’ll!

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Haha! What did I miss???

I’ve been very busy in the whole holy Ramadhan month. No time to watch dramas. Well, more like I limit myself from it. Since I attended terawih and all, I’ve missed Stanza Cinta and Annissa and seriously, I don’t know what’s going on with those dramas. The last time I checked, Stanza Cinta bored me to death. Now, I’m more in Tahajjud Cinta.

I’m thinking to write about any new drama in the near future. Any idea what drama?

Anyway, let’s just see how everything will go after this. Since I’ll be busy with my new job as well, W hope I don’t be too busy to blog about any exciting stories here. Let’s pray for the best!


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Annissa Episode 10, 11 & 12 Review

I am so bitter right now. I read Aaron Aziz’s twitter a couple of days ago and he mentioned that this Sunday, there won’t be any Stanza Cinta as there will be Jom Heboh concert. Sucks big time. And come on TV3, you know people are so eager to watch this drama and yet why can’t you be more tolerable with us, but to at least put the slot twice a week?! Bitter heart of mine..

I’ve spent an amount of time by watching Annissa as critical as possible these past few days. From Tuesday, Wednesday and tonight, I’m finally digging the plot now. Finally, the plot is heading elsewhere rather than just revolving around the same story line about the sneaky husband and best friend that yet going to be busted by Anna. There are a lot of almost-got-busted-by-Anna times and the lame plot keeps on sweeping them off from Anna until I wore tiredness of it.

At last, the spotlight (gradually) moves to Sara’s condition. I’ve been earnestly waiting for that particular story to unfold. Sara is suffering from terminal illness, brain cancer it is. She’s at the hospital and has been keeping it as secret from her three bestfriends; Anna, Shila, and the beetch behind your back Balkis. Apparently, she has only 7 months to live and her family is all supporting her at the hospital. You know, I just don’t get it. Why is she hiding her illness from her besfriends? I mean this is supposed to be the time when we want to make the most of our time left with our loved ones? Why does Sara still care of being embarrassed about her condition? She should know that she needs to cherish the remaining time the most. Instead, she chooses to suffer by herself. But my guts keep telling me that she’ll survive who knows? And I want her to help Anna reconstructing the company (AND HER LIFE!) after the secrets burst out later. Interestingly, she knows about the secret marriage between Balkis and Farid.

Earlier on, Balkis with under influence of pregnancy hormone, selfishly goes to confront Kamal to ask him to become her fake husband just to cover up her pregnancy with no father to be in question. When Kamal asks who’s the father, she said she’s married and reluctantly tells him that her husband is Farid. Stupid Balkis, she thinks she can just ask a favor out of a guy who she has lied THE HELL right on his face??!! Kamal is raged out of course and when he drives away furiously from Balkis, he meets an accident and ends up with the same hospital with Sara.

I find it very funny when Balkis and Farid hire a fake husband when the fake husband goes across the line where he plays all touchy and claims it as being romantic towards Balkis pisses Farid off. I say SERVE YOU RIGHT! And I find it ironic that Farid lets Balkis to be alone with the fake husband inside the house but he forbids the adultery when the fake husband brings back home his real girlfriend to be alone in the house. Farid, Farid, how much hatred you want me to put on you? Now you’re giving me more and more solid reasons to do so.

Meanwhile, Shila’s seat has to be on heat right now as her bribed subordinate has resigned, he doesn’t to get involved anymore. She’s another sneaky character where she has wiped millions of company’s money. I forgot who has died before but it has to do with Shila’s evil plan and looks like her subordinate will have the fate. Looks like her evil plan will soon to be busted. But if the scriptwriter wants to keep her getting away from her being caught in the next few episodes, I’ll have a hard time to fathom but after a few cursings I’ll be fine.

Poor poor Anna, everyone is taking advantage of her. Use her for their own goods. She is not even considered as a strong character yet but I believe once she discovers the truths, it will be very interesting as she will be on her own trying to fight everyone around her. She must realize by then not to trust people that much and she will magically transform into the strongest character of all. I say Anna, when the truths come out, kick those backstabbers mercilessly!

The story ends with impending suspense of Shila’s subordinate who is about to be killed..

Looking forward for the plot progress in the remaining episodes!

p/s, not much to comment simply because I iz bitter right now.

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Thrill Your Taste Buds

I was torn to whether to write about food or not for this blog. The reason behind this is because I don’t want crave for more food myself and don’t want other people to be same too. But heck, let’s get more fat people!

I don’t usually go for fast food since I’m staying with my parents now. My mother is a full time home maker and she will always prepare food for us at home. Not that I complain, really. In that case, I don’t have the heart to ditch her cooking and go for fast food instead. I know she would be sad and would say things like she won’t cook for me anymore etc etc. I really don’t enjoy the guilty feeling afterwards.

But today, today I finally successfully sneak in fast food back home! Phew! I enjoyed every minute of it! The fast food that I’m talking about is none other than the Mc Donald’s Grilled Chicken Burger (BGC)! GCB is back yaw!

To top on my excitement, the GCB large set comes with BBQ Smoky McShaker Fries! Weeee! Fattening food sure is heavenly irresistible! What, never heard of McShaker fries?? Where have you been dude?? These fries comes occasionally so when it’s here, people would all go crazy over it. It’s a phenomenon people! Fattening phenomenon it is. Sighs.

McShaker fries come with BBQ seasoning which requires us to pour the seasoning into the fries bag and shake shake shake it like nobody’s business! Personally, I’d prefer Cheezy Chilly McShaker fries. Don’t know when it will come again though.

The most joyous moment for me is of course, munching the GCB itself! Eating just the burger doesn’t concern me to finish the rest of the side dish. My focus was only on the heavenly burger.

When I take the first bite, it’s an explosion of lovingness exploded into my mouth. The mixed taste of smoked, marsh, and succulent of the grilled chicken just oooozing gracefully in my mouth. This brought back the memory of my childhood when my mom used to love roasting chicken which had the smell that triggered the hungriness in me after returned back from school. The smell and taste are perfectly the same.

I can’t explain more, you have to experience it yourself and you know what I’m talking about.

For every next bite, I just wished to keep chomping them forever in my mouth as every munch is a sheer bliss. Just close your eyes and enjoy every minute of it then you’ll find yourself in a forever tender juicy world.

My GCB time was even more perfect as I shared the moment with my beloved Abu beside me. After all, sharing FOOD is indeed caring. Meet my cat Abu.

After I finished eating, there was a slight tears of joy at corners of my eyes but somehow I managed to pull it back in as I don’t want to get into emotions or I would be noticed by people around as a cry baby (which I am).

Well, I’m not going to pull myself into this guilty pleasure mess anymore after this..

How I wish!

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Stanza Cinta Episode 1 Review (First Impressions)

When the reality is not much fun anymore, you are opted to go for something surreal to make your life alive back. Normal things to do for some people are like to look for new friends, new place to hang out or find a new job perhaps. But for me, I’d prefer to sit back in front of my outdated television or my pinky lappie and enjoy some dramas; the drama that could really make me believe again the bright side of this suckky life. It’s not that bad after all.

Malay dramas nowadays are blooming like flowers in the spring time. Some are might  just tooo beautiful to look at, but the smell just stinks! But some are really really wonderful to look at and the smell brings back the memory of happiness and joy and you wish you’re part of the drama. Yes, I’m talking about the drama. Duh.

I’m feeling too empty nowadays and the idea to write the reviews for local dramas popped up into my head. And I said, hey let’s start with “Stanza Cinta” since it is a new and anticipated by most Malay drama lovers!

When I first heard the title of the drama, I tried to make sense of it and then I came to understand it by means that love comes in orderly stanza by stanza. Just like in a love poem, it starts from the first stanza where the love gradually but romantically snowballs through step by step towards the last stanza of the poem. The development of the love story is the crucial part and that’s what I’m looking forward to from this drama.

Looks like this first episode doesn’t really do the justice for the whole episodes, it doesn’t wow me that much. I’m afraid I might drop this drama in the middle without feeling bothered to make it to the last stanza. Heh. I’ll try to make impossible to happen.

The only strength for me in this drama is of course, the leading man Aaron Aziz (that’s the main reason I chose to review this drama FYI). It turns out that my prediction is right. Aaron Aziz is playing the bad-boy-gone-good role. There’s a little part of me keeps telling that he looks a bit old for the role but nevermind, I would forgive him since he’s my longggg time crush. So any role he’s playing, I’ll be there for him. Boy, I’m putty in his hands. Grr.

So in  brief, this first episode shows about Amni Sofina (Nur Fathia) and her tomboy friend Auni (Chomell Fana) who go back to university (they chose UTM for the place setting) to complete their final semester in Architecture. Gosh, now I really miss my college life back then and the drama looks like to be camping around the campus for a while and will make me considering to go for my second degree! (not masters because life as a masters student is boring)

Where was I? Owh yeah Amni, she is a decent pious looking girl complete with conservative character. Her family background is still mysterious so far in this episode. But looks like she comes from a poor family because when she accidentally throws her small packet of bread onto the floor and her lecturer (apparently the Dean of the faculty too) sees it and asks is the bread for breakfast and she honestly answers that the bread is for lunch not breakfast and further explains that she doesn’t have enough money to buy the food from the cafe. Expensive, it is.

If I were to comment on Nur Fathia‘s acting this time, the remarks would be not really good but acceptable since she is still considered as a newbie in this industry. All I have to say about this, she is lacking in heartfelt delivery so far, a bit wooden I must say. I hope she’s improvising in the next next episodes. You know, what kills my appetite in watching any drama is of course the poor acting delivery.

Here comes Irfan (Aaron Aziz) who breaks up with her girlfriend upon seeing her flirting with an ahjusshi (‘old man’ in Korean, sorry I can’t ease my K-addiction no matter what drama I’m watching). From there, he vows not to date any ‘cheap’ girl anymore and then he sees Amni who happens to be his cousin’s friend and decides to woo her right away! That’s my man! But of course, things won’t be easy for him as Amni is playing very very hard to get but this inspires him more and more to get to know her a little better.

However, this whole thing turns out to be a bet between Irfan and his cousin where his cousin keeps insisting that Amni won’t fall for him and Irfan feels challenged that he is going to prove his cousin wrong. Ouch, I foresee Amni will find out about this bet thing later later later and leaves Irfan upon knowing it. How predictable is that? Let’s just wait in the next episodes.

Owh there’s this scene in the car, Irfan and his cousin (actually, I can’t remember his name) where Irfan keeps on whining that how much he hates it to be cheated this way by his ex-girlfriend. And comes this epic sentence by Irfan, “Muka handsome macam ni pon kena tipu!?” I rolled on the table laughing with addition of Irfan’s epic expression. You have to watch it and you will get this. *wipes tears*

The second leading man is introduced where Taufiq (Fizz Fairuz) is discussing with a woman who happens to be Irfan’s mother, about his up-coming charity concert. Apparently, Taufiq is a nasheed singer, which means he’s going to SING for this drama! Yes people, you heard it right! This is new for me to watch Fizz Fairuz sing, and I CAN’T WAIT for it to happen (and plus it must be nasheed song so I hope the director directs perfectly as possible for this one, not to see the obvious lip sync for example). This character also seems to be from the poor background.

The episode ends tragically with Taufiq’s father falls down indicating the complications he will endure in his life after this. How Taufiq will get connected with Amni and Irfan in flesh? We just have to keep watching to find out.

What else to comment? Erm, directing wise, so far it’s good. It captures appropriately all the good expressions and elements especially the zooming of emotions on each character. And the OST of the drama is ‘Kisah Hati’ by Alyah. It’s a jackpot as the song is a hit now on the radio and I love it. It brings the angsty feeling for the drama mood which I’m in. I love melodrama needless to say. Then, the wardrobe for the castings, I find it okay, suitable for every character. Irfan will be always looking all muscular with fitting shirts and jeans for casual and impeccable working attire for office (dayum, why does he always have to wear white shirt which melts me BIG TIME!). Meanwhile, as for Amni, she looks all innocent in baju kurung most of the time. Well, good for her. Other characters, I will point out if I ever find them appealing to my taste.

All in all, Aaron Aziz is definitely to die for! And with that said, I think I’m going to stick to this drama like elephant glue until the end. This means I’m ready to face with all kind of possible lacking situations (cliche, slapstick you name it) I will endure it all just for the sake of supporting my abang! 😀

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Siti Saleha, the Bombshell of the New Face of Malaya Heroine

Just look at her picture above, she’s a beauty, ain’t she?

Siti Saleha’s fame is rising like a rocket after the hit drama ‘Nora Elena’ which already ended yesterday. She has left an impact on many of us and it will stay for a very very longggg time.

However, the first time I noticed her appearance was in ‘5 Jingga’ which I find her acting was so irritating. Her character was a typical bimbotic school girl back then. It was probably because of her English slang in her BM speaking that irritated me the most. Later on, I noticed her in ‘Kasut Tumit Tinggi’ and ‘Di bawah Ketiak Isteri” but still her characters didn’t have any impact on me. And I’ve forgotten about her for a while.

Until recently, she has been in many dramas such as “Ustaz Amirul” and “Nora Elena” but I unfortunately I didn’t watch “Ustaz Amirul” so I have no comments on that. But in “Nora Elena”, she really did change my opinion on her acting. At first I thought mehhh to myself, she would just become a piece wood actress but I was wrong. She did a pretty good job in portraying the character. She just proved us that it wasn’t just a pretty after all, it was MORE than just a pretty. Way to go, girl!

Owh yeah, wayyy back then I didn’t know that she is the little sister of the punk rocker, Sam Bunkface! No wonder they both have the pan-Asia looks. I have my eyes on his brother though. I must say, he’s cute alright!

Awww, I always have the soft spot for a rockstar. So, rock on Sam! Them siblings are very hot stuff I tell you! Muahahaha.

I’m looking forward for Siti Saleha new roles in the future. I hope she would take more challenging roles just to spread her own portfolio. But just one thing that I find it hard to stand her acting is just her in-fluency in BM. She needs to brush up on that one if she’s ever going to take the role of a pure Malay girl again. That’s all I have to say.

Alright, I’m off to perm my hair in hopes to look as classy as the picture above.

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