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Annissa Episode 10, 11 & 12 Review

I am so bitter right now. I read Aaron Aziz’s twitter a couple of days ago and he mentioned that this Sunday, there won’t be any Stanza Cinta as there will be Jom Heboh concert. Sucks big time. And come … Continue reading

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Thrill Your Taste Buds

I was torn to whether to write about food or not for this blog. The reason behind this is because I don’t want crave for more food myself and don’t want other people to be same too. But heck, let’s … Continue reading

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Stanza Cinta Episode 1 Review (First Impressions)

When the reality is not much fun anymore, you are opted to go for something surreal to make your life alive back. Normal things to do for some people are like to look for new friends, new place to hang … Continue reading

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Siti Saleha, the Bombshell of the New Face of Malaya Heroine

Just look at her picture above, she’s a beauty, ain’t she? Siti Saleha’s fame is rising like a rocket after the hit drama ‘Nora Elena’ which already ended yesterday. She has left an impact on many of us and it … Continue reading

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Analysis of Characters in Annissa and Personal Response

Pretty pretty women indeed. If I were a man, I would be sticking to the screen you have to peel me off the screen. This drama starts off a few weeks ago and in the first episode, the tension is … Continue reading

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Sometimes I wish to have a laotong too..

Here’s what’s happened. I think I just lose a best friend. No, no no. She’s got married last week! There’s a childish side of me who keeps being immature until now. I somehow still can’t accept it. We grew up … Continue reading

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Up-coming Drama..

I admit, I’m addicted to Korean dramas. I’m sooo addicted I couldn’t concentrate on other things for days and this made me thinking why can’t I feel the same way for our local dramas? So, here I am, going to … Continue reading

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