Up-coming Drama..

I admit, I’m addicted to Korean dramas. I’m sooo addicted I couldn’t concentrate on other things for days and this made me thinking why can’t I feel the same way for our local dramas?

So, here I am, going to review on our local dramas and hoping to gather a lot more Malay drama lovers out there. We can share our opinions as in criticizing in the positive ways so that watching drama will be a lot more meaningful. The most important thing here is to respect each others’ opinions. Since this is my first time doing this, I might lack in a lot of ways, but I’m trying my best to become better and better in this.

I’ve always loved Aaron Aziz’s actings (and love him to bits! ehe) and for my excitement, his dramas are blooming like mushrooms after the rain right now. I’m one happy pearl indeed! Nora Elena is coming to an end this week and I’m sure a lot of people would cry a bucket if the two leading actors won’t end up with each other. But fret not, they will end up together, just wait and see.

I’m all geared up for the upcoming drama “Stanza Cinta” which to be aired this Sunday and Aaron Aziz is the leading actor again! Weeeeeeee!

Dayum, the drama will only be once a week! Urgh! I hate it. And looking at the poster above, Fizz Fairuz looks like is going to be the second leading actor. This man has the best quality for a pious man. Nur Kasih is his ultimate pious role in his career. I can never imagine him as a bad guy in my mind as his image just doesn’t fit for it. I really need to shove out the image of him as a gangster in one of the movie which I forgot the title. So tak seswai! But that’s just my opinion. It’s actually a good way to put more rows into his portfolio. Way to go man!

And Nur Fathia, I only notice her in Nur Kasih the series as Nur Amina’s best friend. She did a good job in that one and my friends and I would always have the spot for her as being very beautiful. She looks all sweets covered up. So I’m looking forward for her acting in this one. I’m sure she will do a good job for this one as she has to act besides Aaron Aziz a very experienced actor compared to her.

Aaron Aziz, my my, I don’t have much to say but only to expect an explosive acting from him again as being all romantic and super sweet gentleman just like Seth Tan. The character is surreal, but there you go, it is a novel adaptation so people shouldn’t be surprise of the exaggeration of the character. Seriously, that man Seth is being sooo sweet that if I were Nora Elena I would have gotten diabetics already! Grr!

Stanza Cinta is also an adaptation from a novel so I’m expecting a more fairy tale like story again this time. I love this whole fairy tale thing as it is a form of escapism from the reality. Just like Edward Cullen! It’s surreal and yet so much of romance exploded that we’d die for! Okay, get back to this one. This premise looks so convincing, and perhaps it can be a vaccine to cure the Nur Kasih fever. I never read the novel but I’m guessing it is a type of bad boy gone good drama. The heroin will fall for him and ignores the originally good from the root man. This is typical I know but I’m looking forward for the storyline in between; the obstacles they will have to go through, the amount of angst, and etc. I’m pretty sure I will need tissues too for this one. Just look at the poster again, the actors and actress look like they are having so many problems before they achieve the happily ever after ending. Sobs. I can feel it now. I hope it will not fail me.

I thought I want to read the novel but when I think again, maybe not. Right now I’m reading a book “Snow Flower and a Secret Fan” by Lisa See. That story will also come out with a motion picture and so far the story has been very appealing to me and it deserves another post for it.

And so, Stanza Cinta, please be good! I’m so excited to talk about all the good things about it! Sunday, please come quick!

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