Sometimes I wish to have a laotong too..

Here’s what’s happened. I think I just lose a best friend. No, no no. She’s got married last week!

There’s a childish side of me who keeps being immature until now. I somehow still can’t accept it. We grew up together and we even planned a lot of plans to do together. But all those plans are just plans. She got married as simple as that and all our plans had been cancelled.

One obvious thing I realized is that we can never be best friends anymore. Her life is all about her husband now. I can never butt into her life anymore. She can never be there anymore for me. Best friend can never be applied anymore.

Wait. Listen first. I know this might sound like an ever-complaint brat, but seriously I feel the pain deep inside my heart. It is like a loss that can never be restored back. To my disappointment even more, she looked so happy about it; about leaving me behind and never cares for how will I survive after this.

And that is why I think I need a laotong too. Laotong is a Chinese term which brings the meaning of ‘old same’. I came to find the term from the book I’m reading right now, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan” by Lisa See.

I’m not going to discuss about the book here but I’m just longing for some one who I can lean on to, a friend just like a laotong in the storybook where I can share the ups and downs of my life even when the two laotongs are married and live far away from each other. They will always find ways to contact each and always care for each other until they die. Read the book and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Even this got me thinking, it is possible for two girls to remain best friends forever and ever?

I don’t think so!

Here is why; girls will be bound to her husbands’ orders only and will not have the time to spend with her friends like they used to. SMS and calling, yes but still…. My point here is just, I don’t think we girls should work hard to maintain the ‘best friend’ status. Really. Soon after the girls get married, there won’t be any best friends between them. Trust me.

Or maybe I just overreact with this one. Pfft. Owh well, I better find some good Korean dramas to watch rather than to think of this nonsense ramblings.

p/s, can’t wait to write my first review on Malay drama!

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One Response to Sometimes I wish to have a laotong too..

  1. Liddy says:

    you too will be best friends for life…may be when u get marriend than u will understand

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