Analysis of Characters in Annissa and Personal Response

Pretty pretty women indeed. If I were a man, I would be sticking to the screen you have to peel me off the screen.

This drama starts off a few weeks ago and in the first episode, the tension is already brought up where Anna (Fiza Elite), Balkis (Rozita Che Wan), Shila (Faradhiya) and Sara (Aida Aris) face the crisis with the their textile company.

I’m not going to do a thorough recap on this one but instead I’m interested in making analysis of the characters of this drama. I must say, this drama is really bringing up the theme of back-stabbing among the close friends (or even best friends!).


Let’s start with the only protagonist in this drama which is Anna. Apparently, she’s the big boss in the company. She seems to know her three best friends pretty well but what she doesn’t know is that all the three of them are pretty problematic towards her. I really feel sympathy towards this lady. On the surface, all of three of her best friends seem to be caring towards her but the truth is, they are all up for so something which is to steel something from her (either the money from the company and even her husband respectively). Sara is the only exception as she quits all of sudden and just disapears until the current episode. And yeah Anna’s husband, Farid is another problem for her. This makes the three of them (Balkis, Shila and Farid) are the back stabbers; back stabbing Anna slowly and quietly. Anna who happens to be the victim in this drama, keeps on trusting the people around her including her own husband. She already suspects her husband cheating in her but she can’t seem to guess that her husband cheats on her with her own best friend Balkis! And to make the reason more concrete for Farid to find another wife is, Anna is sterile. The drama between Balkis and Farid really pisses me off!


Balkis is one of the best friends of Anna. She’s the ultimate back stabber of all! How could she gets married with Anna’s husband if she ever considers Anna as her friend??!! And to add more fuel to my anger, she plays it so cool in front of Anna who always tells everything about her husband’s misbehavior behind Anna’s back. How are you going to live when Anna finds out? This will more interesting now that Balkis is pregnant. Let’s see how will it goes..


Shila is in-charged for the company financial affairs. She takes this opportunity to sneak out the company’s money as millions as possible and then manipulates Anna with fake reports.ย  However, so far Anna doesn’t seem to know about any of this yet. Not even a hint. Now who should Anna trust? We still have Sara to count on nevertheless.


This character is very mysterious so far. There’s only one hint which the reason why she quits her job all of sudden is that she’s very sick and has to go through an operation. Most probably brain cancer. She doesn’t tell her friends about it. Sara is Anna’s only hope to rely on and trust.

Anna’s drama king husband. He puts a lot of acts in front of Anna and a boy will always have the dumb side of him where he can’t hide it. He keeps spilling the truth of him marrying another wife and that makes Anna furious! This man has a solid motive to marry another one, since his wife sterile. Heh. I loathe this type of man to bits and poor Anna too. What are you going to do now Anna? She even trusts Balkis to hire a spy to spy on her husband and as expected, the spy is a total joke. Balkis must have done her part with it.


This poor poor man is a cover-up for Balkis and Farid relationship. How could there are such cruel people like those brats in this world?! Balkis uses him as her “boyfriend” to blindfold everyone where as sneaking Farid to her home whenever they get the chance.

My Personal Response:

I like a drama that portrays the suffer of every woman (or man) to go through life in order to achieve happiness. And in this drama I like Anna character the most as she is the most stressful character in the drama. Stressful because she has to face all the consequences of the actions of people around her. Just how is she going to deal with the truth once they come out? I hope Sara will be fine after the operation and she helps Anna to go through the mess and together they build up the company back on track again.

If I were Anna, once the truth comes out, I will shove Balkis and Shila out of the company and Farid, just let’s see how well will he plead. That will be the hardest but the most unforgiving part is he cheats on her with her own best friend. I don’t think I will ever accept that no matter how many people keep on reminding me how divine it is to forgive people.

But I must say, every one did a good job in playing their roles. This drama seems to have long way to go. And this analysis will change from time to time. I will try to update about it once I feel like doing it.

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2 Responses to Analysis of Characters in Annissa and Personal Response

  1. Habibah Jaffar says:

    Is there anyone as gullible (easily deceived) as Anna in this world? Isn’t she supposed to be an educated, modern, intelligent, business woman? Those two kanivers (Balkis and Shila) do play their parts well I’d say. I love Aida Aris, her character is always pleasant to watch.

    • blissfulpearl says:

      Congratulations Miss/Puan Habibah Jaffar! You’re the first to comment in this blog! Thank you for your response ๐Ÿ™‚
      This is one of the things why I love about drama, there’s other side of this world that we thought someone’s life is perfect but the truh is the other way round. I believe there is such people in this world who is as gullible as Anna but perhaps in different situations. Are you familiar with the term ‘wilful ignorant’? This is perhaps an example of it. When Anna finds out about the truth, she will be in the situation whether to forgive those backstabbers or cut them out of her life completely. She always says that she can’t accept dimadukan and would rather bercerai if it’s the case. But the truth is, if she chooses the latter, it’s not as easy as she sees it. She will not only lose her husband but also one of her bestest friends in this whole world! How is she going to do that? She seems so fragile and needs always people around her to support her. My point is, she probably accepts the truth by accepting Balkis as her madu, since she knows she’s sterile and can’t do anything about it. She would realize too the pressure of going through divorce is far more painful than she ever imagines and plus the loneliness without her best friend around. Perhaps after all,it’s about forgiveness. But it’s still early to conclude everything. That is just my opinion about the upcoming plot. Haha. Too much ramblings.
      It’s ironic. Anna seems to be doing all well with her life; good career, good friends and good husband too. And yet what people don’t know is beyond those perfect smiles on Anna’s face. However, it actually doesn’t concern much on whether she’s well educated, modern looking and all, if we are not careful enough or trust people too much we will end up like Anna. All the certificates she has earned have mean nothing at this point. Those papers are better off framed as part of home decor. This is probably a turning point for Anna to never to overlook other people’s sincerity on the surface. Look can be deceiving.
      So far, the heartfelt delivery of every character is riveting. All of them are experienced actors, that explains their good acting skills. Right now I just can’t wait to see Sara’s character development. I mean she can’t die now or else what’s the significance of her character after all right? Let’s keep watching! ๐Ÿ˜€

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