Siti Saleha, the Bombshell of the New Face of Malaya Heroine

Just look at her picture above, she’s a beauty, ain’t she?

Siti Saleha’s fame is rising like a rocket after the hit drama ‘Nora Elena’ which already ended yesterday. She has left an impact on many of us and it will stay for a very very longggg time.

However, the first time I noticed her appearance was in ‘5 Jingga’ which I find her acting was so irritating. Her character was a typical bimbotic school girl back then. It was probably because of her English slang in her BM speaking that irritated me the most. Later on, I noticed her in ‘Kasut Tumit Tinggi’ and ‘Di bawah Ketiak Isteri” but still her characters didn’t have any impact on me. And I’ve forgotten about her for a while.

Until recently, she has been in many dramas such as “Ustaz Amirul” and “Nora Elena” but I unfortunately I didn’t watch “Ustaz Amirul” so I have no comments on that. But in “Nora Elena”, she really did change my opinion on her acting. At first I thought mehhh to myself, she would just become a piece wood actress but I was wrong. She did a pretty good job in portraying the character. She just proved us that it wasn’t just a pretty after all, it was MORE than just a pretty. Way to go, girl!

Owh yeah, wayyy back then I didn’t know that she is the little sister of the punk rocker, Sam Bunkface! No wonder they both have the pan-Asia looks. I have my eyes on his brother though. I must say, he’s cute alright!

Awww, I always have the soft spot for a rockstar. So, rock on Sam! Them siblings are very hot stuff I tell you! Muahahaha.

I’m looking forward for Siti Saleha new roles in the future. I hope she would take more challenging roles just to spread her own portfolio. But just one thing that I find it hard to stand her acting is just her in-fluency in BM. She needs to brush up on that one if she’s ever going to take the role of a pure Malay girl again. That’s all I have to say.

Alright, I’m off to perm my hair in hopes to look as classy as the picture above.

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One Response to Siti Saleha, the Bombshell of the New Face of Malaya Heroine

  1. Jafri Jaini says:

    inilah heroin Filem Melayu…

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