Thrill Your Taste Buds

I was torn to whether to write about food or not for this blog. The reason behind this is because I don’t want crave for more food myself and don’t want other people to be same too. But heck, let’s get more fat people!

I don’t usually go for fast food since I’m staying with my parents now. My mother is a full time home maker and she will always prepare food for us at home. Not that I complain, really. In that case, I don’t have the heart to ditch her cooking and go for fast food instead. I know she would be sad and would say things like she won’t cook for me anymore etc etc. I really don’t enjoy the guilty feeling afterwards.

But today, today I finally successfully sneak in fast food back home! Phew! I enjoyed every minute of it! The fast food that I’m talking about is none other than the Mc Donald’s Grilled Chicken Burger (BGC)! GCB is back yaw!

To top on my excitement, the GCB large set comes with BBQ Smoky McShaker Fries! Weeee! Fattening food sure is heavenly irresistible! What, never heard of McShaker fries?? Where have you been dude?? These fries comes occasionally so when it’s here, people would all go crazy over it. It’s a phenomenon people! Fattening phenomenon it is. Sighs.

McShaker fries come with BBQ seasoning which requires us to pour the seasoning into the fries bag and shake shake shake it like nobody’s business! Personally, I’d prefer Cheezy Chilly McShaker fries. Don’t know when it will come again though.

The most joyous moment for me is of course, munching the GCB itself! Eating just the burger doesn’t concern me to finish the rest of the side dish. My focus was only on the heavenly burger.

When I take the first bite, it’s an explosion of lovingness exploded into my mouth. The mixed taste of smoked, marsh, and succulent of the grilled chicken just oooozing gracefully in my mouth. This brought back the memory of my childhood when my mom used to love roasting chicken which had the smell that triggered the hungriness in me after returned back from school. The smell and taste are perfectly the same.

I can’t explain more, you have to experience it yourself and you know what I’m talking about.

For every next bite, I just wished to keep chomping them forever in my mouth as every munch is a sheer bliss. Just close your eyes and enjoy every minute of it then you’ll find yourself in a forever tender juicy world.

My GCB time was even more perfect as I shared the moment with my beloved Abu beside me. After all, sharing FOOD is indeed caring. Meet my cat Abu.

After I finished eating, there was a slight tears of joy at corners of my eyes but somehow I managed to pull it back in as I don’t want to get into emotions or I would be noticed by people around as a cry baby (which I am).

Well, I’m not going to pull myself into this guilty pleasure mess anymore after this..

How I wish!

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2 Responses to Thrill Your Taste Buds

  1. puffy berry says:

    sedap maaa GCB
    kitty mkn fries? awkward.. lolz

  2. avoch says:

    kudos for the hearty explanation of the joys in eating fast food.
    ronald mcDonald would be teary-eyed reading it as well 😎

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