Annissa Episode 10, 11 & 12 Review

I am so bitter right now. I read Aaron Aziz’s twitter a couple of days ago and he mentioned that this Sunday, there won’t be any Stanza Cinta as there will be Jom Heboh concert. Sucks big time. And come on TV3, you know people are so eager to watch this drama and yet why can’t you be more tolerable with us, but to at least put the slot twice a week?! Bitter heart of mine..

I’ve spent an amount of time by watching Annissa as critical as possible these past few days. From Tuesday, Wednesday and tonight, I’m finally digging the plot now. Finally, the plot is heading elsewhere rather than just revolving around the same story line about the sneaky husband and best friend that yet going to be busted by Anna. There are a lot of almost-got-busted-by-Anna times and the lame plot keeps on sweeping them off from Anna until I wore tiredness of it.

At last, the spotlight (gradually) moves to Sara’s condition. I’ve been earnestly waiting for that particular story to unfold. Sara is suffering from terminal illness, brain cancer it is. She’s at the hospital and has been keeping it as secret from her three bestfriends; Anna, Shila, and the beetch behind your back Balkis. Apparently, she has only 7 months to live and her family is all supporting her at the hospital. You know, I just don’t get it. Why is she hiding her illness from her besfriends? I mean this is supposed to be the time when we want to make the most of our time left with our loved ones? Why does Sara still care of being embarrassed about her condition? She should know that she needs to cherish the remaining time the most. Instead, she chooses to suffer by herself. But my guts keep telling me that she’ll survive who knows? And I want her to help Anna reconstructing the company (AND HER LIFE!) after the secrets burst out later. Interestingly, she knows about the secret marriage between Balkis and Farid.

Earlier on, Balkis with under influence of pregnancy hormone, selfishly goes to confront Kamal to ask him to become her fake husband just to cover up her pregnancy with no father to be in question. When Kamal asks who’s the father, she said she’s married and reluctantly tells him that her husband is Farid. Stupid Balkis, she thinks she can just ask a favor out of a guy who she has lied THE HELL right on his face??!! Kamal is raged out of course and when he drives away furiously from Balkis, he meets an accident and ends up with the same hospital with Sara.

I find it very funny when Balkis and Farid hire a fake husband when the fake husband goes across the line where he plays all touchy and claims it as being romantic towards Balkis pisses Farid off. I say SERVE YOU RIGHT! And I find it ironic that Farid lets Balkis to be alone with the fake husband inside the house but he forbids the adultery when the fake husband brings back home his real girlfriend to be alone in the house. Farid, Farid, how much hatred you want me to put on you? Now you’re giving me more and more solid reasons to do so.

Meanwhile, Shila’s seat has to be on heat right now as her bribed subordinate has resigned, he doesn’t to get involved anymore. She’s another sneaky character where she has wiped millions of company’s money. I forgot who has died before but it has to do with Shila’s evil plan and looks like her subordinate will have the fate. Looks like her evil plan will soon to be busted. But if the scriptwriter wants to keep her getting away from her being caught in the next few episodes, I’ll have a hard time to fathom but after a few cursings I’ll be fine.

Poor poor Anna, everyone is taking advantage of her. Use her for their own goods. She is not even considered as a strong character yet but I believe once she discovers the truths, it will be very interesting as she will be on her own trying to fight everyone around her. She must realize by then not to trust people that much and she will magically transform into the strongest character of all. I say Anna, when the truths come out, kick those backstabbers mercilessly!

The story ends with impending suspense of Shila’s subordinate who is about to be killed..

Looking forward for the plot progress in the remaining episodes!

p/s, not much to comment simply because I iz bitter right now.

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One Response to Annissa Episode 10, 11 & 12 Review

  1. avoch says:

    i assume this show has rich malay people, all of em driving bmw’s and wearing suits in the hot afternoon sun, while plotting against each other in order to snatch each others’ companies? that’ll be typical 😉

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