TV3’s Akasia Slot, Julia Has A Very Interesting Plot

I hope it is not too late to start on reviewing about this drama, Julia.

First of all, I really love the castings of this drama especially the lead actress, Nabila Huda. She is one talented actress. She doesn’t look like acting as every movement of hers seems to be very natural. I don’t even know where to begin with.
This drama replaces the previous drama Kau Yang Terindah which the ending didn’t turn out as I wanted it to be. But I just want to get over it and move on with this one.

At first, Julia didn’t catch my attention…until they did the shootings in Korea! I was ecstatic! Yes, I love Korean dramas tooo! Mucho! The early settings of this drama (in Korea) totally remind me of Korean drama, Heartstrings! If I’m not mistaken, the same bus stop, the dating park and Julia drama uses the OST of Heartstrings, ‘I’ve fallen for you’! The screenwriter of Julia must loveeeee Korean Dramas too! High 5!

Anyhoo, what I love the most about this drama is, the plot which I find quite intriguing. The true pair of this drama seem to be going the opposite ways but with the remaining feelings towards each other makes us all wanting more and more episodes to come by quickly! We know they will end up together in the end, but with the current situation, I just want to become the director and ask them to get together already!

The antagonist of this drama, Sofia played by Izreen Azminda is doing a tremendous job and we just wish the surgery is a failure and let the the true pair of the drama just lives happily ever after.

Shall continue this in the Character Analysis post..

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