About BP

Salam and hello.

I miss writing, really. This is not my first time writing and I had this urge in me to start writing again and here I am in a new writing spot. This time around, I’m thinking to do as many reviews as possible which include reviews on dramas, movies books, foods, social issues (maybe?) and of course a little bit on my personal life (not just a bit but A LOT!).

There’s certain thing that I just need to get off my chest such as how I love the smell of my new deodorant I’m wearing right now. I’d love to tell the world about it! That is an example on personal ramblings. Heh. Ridiculous much?

On the serious note, I love watching dramas, learning literature and of course always remember to keep a strong faith. After all, what’s life without dramas, literature and faith?

I love literature, women’s literature especially. I’m thinking to have my own section for women’s literature in this blog. We’ll see..

Along the way, I’d love to have discussions on a lot of thing such as dramas and etc. Gawd, I love watching dramas! And to ease my addiction and to share the addiction with others, I’m thinking to do reviews on our local drama weekly. So feel free to squeeze yourselves into the discussions and drop any comments but please respect each others’ opinions.

In short, I’ll be talking about anything that matters in my life right now.

Thank you.


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